Errors when forwarding to external account from exchange

I have a customer who is forwarding email from an internal account to her blackberry via her blackberry email address. I have setp an acc as per normal with her blackberry details in and set her main acc to send a copy to this one for sending out.

Now when someone sends her an email she recieves it on both work PC and blackberry, however sender then recieves an email back saying it could not reach her acc for external mail

i.e the following recipents cannot be reached
Joe Bloggs (external) there was a problem with your SMTP etc etc etc contact system admin (
SMTP 550 (
Not permitted

I could understand the issue if she simply wasn't getting email on her blackberry but I'm also suprised that an internal forward would generate a message that would get back to the sender anyway, sureley it would just log it....

Any help would be great
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Hi antsltd2007,

Was the blackberry account created as exchange account or as exchange contact?
antsltd2007Author Commented:
Hi Jo

it was added as an exchange account
Does mail get delivered directy to your Exchange server or do you use pop3? I've seen that a blackberry account CAN create hastles, but add it rather as a contact and it works fine. Does someone else host the blackberry account?
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antsltd2007Author Commented:
Its a bloody POP3 acc unfortunatley. They are out in the sticks so anything else isn't really pratical with there dodgy broadband.

Obviously her main acc is a full blooded exchange user but the one for forwarding i simply added as a user with no exchange as previously when i did it wouldn't forward anything.
LOL! One of those sites!

Well... I would suggest:

The user have her full Exchange account.
The blackberry account is hosted somewhere else.
Create a contact for the blackberry account on your server.
Forward her exchange to the blackberry contact. (Ensure mail is delivered to both accounts is checked.)

Let me know.
antsltd2007Author Commented:
Ok my explanation wan't good lol

Her email for her blackberry is hosted by orange it isn't on the server.

I've done as you said and setup a contact instead of a user and I am still getting an error when i email her main account as i was before
antsltd2007Author Commented:
as a thought you don't think this is an issue with BT as there SMTP is sent via them? There main email for the business is obviuosly nothing to do with BT so in theory the error would happen with there business email as well as the orange blackberry acc and nothing would get through unlike this problem where everything is being delivered but still the error appears.....
Hhhmmm... 550 errors usually mean Relay not permitted... Reading carefully, I can see what you mean and I tend to agree with you. If BT is their ISP, try to contact them... Not sure how far you'll get...
Forwarding to external email adresses is not allowed by default in Exchange.

Check the System-Manager -> Global Settings -> Internet mail formats (or similar; only have the german version handy). Open the properties of the standard entry. Check if under additional Settings automatic forward are allowed.
antsltd2007Author Commented:
as i have stated this is all fine, noting wrong with them actually getting there just that the sender recieves an error as if it hasn't
Can you right click on one of these NDR's and click on message options and then copy and paste the data in the Internet headers section? I'd like to have a look at that...
antsltd2007Author Commented:

Ok this is starting to get right on my wick!!! lol

I have for arguments sake given myself an account on the AD and setup my gmail account as a contact. Got one of the ldies in the office to send me an email (as its an internal account only atm) and its appeared on my gmail account with no errors at there end WHEY!!

So a logical step would now be to get her email to forward to an gmail account as the issue seems to be with orange. So setup a gmail account and a new contact i AD to forward it, DOESN'T WORK ARRRRGGHHHH
Ok so now i thought try another user on the system, no joy there, doesn't even reach her gmail acc. So then tried it with her acc to my gmail, nothing and another user to mine, nothing!

I am now uterly lost as to what the hell the issue is, i cant even get them to reach the gmail acc with or without erros from any other user on the network apart from mine. Is there a config setting i'm missing here? they are all users with access to remote email, VPN etc. I'm an admin but for the life of me I can't figure this out

My NDR is below as requested, have change there name for security as im sure you understand.
It is the same NDR i get whether I forward it via her blackberry acc where it does reach or via gmail now where it doesn't

The following recipient(s) cannot be reached:
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      test6[Scanned]
      Sent:      19/11/2008 13:29

      Richeyyy (Gmail) on 19/11/2008 13:29
            There was a SMTP communication problem with the recipient's email server.  Please contact your system administrator.
            < #5.5.0 smtp;550 <>... Not permitted>

Do you have a reverse DNS entry (PTR record) setup at your ISP for your domain?
antsltd2007Author Commented:
no none as far as I'm aware
antsltd2007Author Commented:
going back to when i sujested whether it was the outgoing smtp (BT) causing issues this can't be the case as it does work via my acc on the system just no one elses. Ihave seen someone mention a similar issue but the way he resolved it doesn't make sense
I wonder if this might influence the mail is such a manner... Maybe you can request it from your ISP? It won't hurt if they do it for you, so you might as well do it and see what happens...
So what is under your SMTP tab?
antsltd2007Author Commented:
her gmail account.
Reading his case it is basically the same problem yet he has sorted it by looking in the contact he created and checking the exchnage general tab and changing the SMTP. but this doesn't make sense because if he had setup everything correctly like he states then in there would have had the correct SMTP i.e his GMAIL one....... Yet this is where he managed to fix it which cant be the case

I do appreciate your contiued efforts to help me sort this Jo
No problem, we're going to fix this, you'll see.

What does your contact look like?
antsltd2007Author Commented:
sorry mate in what sense
LOL! Sorry, that was a crap question!

What is the Exchange General properties of you contact?
antsltd2007Author Commented:

they are

Alias: Customer Gmail

Receiving Message size : Use defult limit

Message Restrictions
Accept Messages: from everyone
Hhhhmmm. Default contact.

Now why the hell wouldn't it work???

And this haapens to ALL external accounts? Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc?

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