How can I get my standard terminal server users to remote desktop within Microsoft Server 2003 Standard Edition?

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I am running Terminal Services with an active licensce and 5 CALS on Windows Server 2003.  I have followed all the steps in the URL below:

... but still cannot get my standard TS users to remote desktop wihout adding them to the admin group.  I have added them aldready to the remote desktop users group but this still has not done anything.  The spec of my server is a Pentium 3 GHz with 2.5MB RAM.  I only have 2 users connected as this is only a test environment and will not be used for anything else (so speed for me is not an issue).

I tried adding the users to the remote users group and removing them from the admin group and I get an error message saying that the desktop can only be accessed by administrators.  I tell you what, I am going to award you both points since you have answered my first question and start another one going.  If you could carry on this discussion in the next question I would appreciate it.
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Did you follow the instructions on the second part of the article:

I hope this helps. Good luck.


Yes I did try this one too, sorry
I have solved the problem on my own

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