tips for sending email successfully


i am hoping someone has a list of do's and dont's to ensure outgoing has every possible chance of being delivered successfully.

the majority of my clients use exchange 2003 (as part of sbs2003) to send email.   they receiv email via smtp.

a lot of them are getting bounce back with various messages such as (you do not have permission to send for this user, reverse dns lookup errors etc etc..

alsoa lot of customers emails (espcially when sent to hotmail/aol end up in junk email.

does anyone have a list of best practices to ensure this does not happen?


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cluebeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume that you have static ip adresses on the servers. With dynamic ip adresses you can have a hard time sending mails because your current ip might be blacklisted.

The reverse dns problem is something to look into. Make sure that you have a reverse dns entry pointing to the host entry of your server. Also make sure that your server indentified itself correctly with its full dns name known in the outside world.

There can bo so many reasons why this happens, and it might not be your fault at all!!! I would suggest looking at the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Management Pack, which helps quite a lot:

On this site there are some more nice tools to conform to Best Practices.

Hope this helps.

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