Losing alot of Disk Space Since installing the SCOM Agent Software

Hi Guys,

I noticed recently that ever since installing SCOM agent software onto two of my Servers I'm losing alot of disk space. On one of the Servers I was losing about 2 megabytes every hour and on the other server I'm lossing about 2 megabytes every day! Is there any reason this could happen? I unstalled the agent software on the Server that was losing 2 megabytes an hour and now it's fine!
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wwwallyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SCOM can use up to 120MB stored in the healthservicestore.edb. You can't really set a limit to the healthservicestore but i have never seen it grow beyond the 120MB.
Make sure your agent are connected to SCOM correctly so data is offloaded.
Have you checked if it is logging anything anywhere? My first guess would be it is generating lots of large log files.

Better to avoid the push /pull installation and go for the manual client agent installation. Then point it to the appropriate scom server.

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makel2Author Commented:
Thanks Walter yep that's what the problem was. I checked the healthservice.edb on a few Servers and it seems that the are almost 120MB in size! I'll keep on eye on the file but yeah your right they don't seem to be getting any bigger than 120MB in size.
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