Website User Tracking in C#


We are currently working on a website for making hotel reservations.

What we want to do is:
-> Track of what user does on website (which web pages he goes, what all information he enters on the website)

For example: If he was making a booking and connection was broken. He calls customer care and then customer care person should see on interface what he entered all information on Booking Screen.

So what I want to achieve is - he logs in and session gets started which records all the information...

And then make some interface to generate some reports from the data captured

Has anybody done this before in details - is there any good open source code available - or any tool somebody could refer

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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's all depending of how you create your pages.
If you move from one page to another page, and you only use a session-object to store the values that the user entered, or do you use a database behind it (when going from one page to another, you store the values the user entered)...
RadheRadheAuthor Commented:
Do you know any code/tool available which will help me in this:

Let's say person is do booking and he has reached "Payment" page which is the last page and connection breaks.

I want to record what all he entered at each page till the connection broke?

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