Shadowing a citrix session in a WAN is very slow

We have a windows server2003 environment with citrix metaframe xp sever for windows with feature release 3 installed. When we shadow a citrix session in a WAN de connection on both sides turn very slow. mous clicking works but because of the slow screen movements I don't know if I clicked right or not. Is there a hotfix for of a speedup tool for shadowing?
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pkfwallastConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've deinstalled de newer version 10 of the ICA Client en reinstalled version 8 of the ICA client.
This has to be config errors in the shadowing PC.

Uninstall ICA Client on Shadowing PC, wipe out "Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client"+ "Documents and settings\User\Application Data\ICA Client" , then reinstall latest version och ICA Client.

pkfwallastAuthor Commented:

I've uninstalled the citrix Ica Client and deleted al the items in the documents and settings, downloaded Ica version 10.2 and installed it but after loggin in and shadowing a WAN user it still turns slow on both sides.
This didn't work for me.
Are the Citrix Server located on your local LAN or over the WAN link?
pkfwallastAuthor Commented:
We connect on local LAN citrix Servers and we want to shadow users who logon to citrix servers which are on the other side of the WAN.
 In the past this was no problem but now we can hardly work with this slow screen performance.
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