Telephone Number Validation

I want to validate a number posted into a variable from a html form.

      $dest1; = $_REQUEST["mobile"];

So a html form posts the mobile number into the variable dest1

I then need it to check/modify dest1 so it looks like - 447525000000

Rather than the standard - 07525000000

Then post the checked/modified number into variable dest2

I have never used PHP before, I am sure this is very simple but I need it ASAP :-)

Thanks In advance!


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Hey there,

The code below drops the leading 0, if present, and prepends 44. Otherwise it outputs identical to $dest1.

Hope that helps,
$dest1 = $_REQUEST["mobile"];
$dest2 = (substr($dest1,0,1) == '0') ? '44'.substr($dest1,1) : $dest1;
echo $dest2;

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souldigitalAuthor Commented:
That's great thanks! Is there any way of telling it to drop +44 if entered and replace it with just 44 as well?

Also is it possible to remove gaps, for example if someone entered -

07 525 000000

it would turn it into



James LooneySr. Programmer/AnalystCommented:
to strip whitespace, you could do a number of different things:

$number = str_replace(" ", "", $_REQUEST["mobile"]);
$number = preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $_REQUEST["mobile"]);

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souldigitalAuthor Commented:
That works great!

Thanks guys!
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