Automation error on some computers, VB6 Usercontrol


I have created my own grid which draws a lot of information, however my application will break down at some points on some computers, throwing a Automation error (-2147417848)

It happens on
Call myGrid1.createGrid(CurrentDate_stored, ,fChange)

CurrentDate_stored being a string.
fChange being a boolean

I added some debugging points within the createGrid method
Function createGrid ( params)
     logThis = "END OF FUNCTION"
End Function

And by doing this i know that the createGrid method is run til the end  however the call throws the rror.
Do you have any idea why this is happening ?

It seems to only happen on low end computers. Celeron and alike.
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How have you deployed your application?
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
I deploy the application with the deployment tool of VB6, and then i download additional osx and dll directly from the application onstartup.

Could this have anything to do with it ?
Absolutely.  The dependencies for the OCX and or DLL are the likely culprits, because you have different versions on the different computers.

These have to be deployed with a setup package, just like with your application.  The setup and deployment wizard should give you an idea of what the dependencies are for those files, then check the versions on the affected machines vs the working machines.  Then make sure the right version is deployed with your setup package.
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mSchmidtAuthor Commented:

Is it enough to place the correct files in the Application folder or do i have to override files within the \windows\system libraries ?

Is there any way to find all the dependencies which my application uses ?
>Is it enough to place the correct files in the Application folder or do i have to override files within the \windows\system libraries ?

The setup and deployment wizard package will copy them to the system folder.  Trying to copy them to the application folder will not always work.

>Is there any way to find all the dependencies which my application uses ?

Let the setup and deployment wizard do that work for you.  A tool like dependency walker will find *all* dependencies, but you don't want to deploy every file that your component is dependent on, because many will be protected OS files.
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
well what if my problem resides in one of those protected dependencies ?
It won't.  It will be in one of the VB files that must be installed with your components.
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
When installing my Package with all files in it i get a lot of errors telling me that files cant be overwritten and such, do you maybe know of a better deployment tool ?
mSchmidtAuthor Commented:
Would a faulty version of a DLL / OCX cause periodical problems, meaning the application can run fine for the first 5 minutes and i have tested a lot of function and the suddenly it will break down doing the same job as when it didnt break down.

For instance i have figured out that switching to alot of dates in my booking screen causes the system to crash however the 30 switches works fine, and then suddenly it crashes.

Not doing the day switching makes the application run for alot longer.
>Would a faulty version of a DLL / OCX cause periodical problems

One can guess, or one can be certain. The way to proceed is to eliminate it as a cause by using correct deployment procedures.  Then one can say it either is or isn't a problem.

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