Can you disable the Treeview double-click expanding of nodes?

Using Windows.Forms Treeview, I am trying to do some custom action with a treeview when a node is double-clicked.  The problem is that even when I don't have my own doubleclick event handler, the Treeview uses the double-click to automatically expand or contract an expandable node.  Is there a way to turn off this behavior?  It would be ideal if the nodes would only expand/contract if the +/- box on the node were clicked, and the double-click could be for the custom action. There is no SelectAction available since this is Windows.Forms and not a Web.UI.WebControl
MyNode = New TreeNode
                MyNode.Name = "S" & CStr(dr.Item(0))
                MyNode.Text = dr.Item(2)
                MyNode.Tag = "SECTION-" & dr.Item(2)
                MyNode = Nothing

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srbentleyAuthor Commented:
There is no Expanded property in a VB.NET Windows Control Treeview Node.
srbentleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks.. That's exactly I needed and couldn't find.
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