How to make a auto popup like when MSN shows that someone has logged on

Hi guys

How do you make a popup like when msn show you a new message. i know many dating sites have it to show you that you have mail. Does anyone know of a component that can do that? like activex or something like that?

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ray-solomonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps, If you can find an example, let me know. I am curious.

This kind of popup you talk of would need to be a small java, C, .net, etc.. app running on the computer to work outside from the browser.

I have seen spyware do this before by installing itself from a browser vulnerability or other means and showing notices in the bottom-right corner that appear to be legit programs.
You can use a little javascript, html and css to accomplish this.

Create the look in html/css, then use JavaScript to give it popup functionality from the bottom-right corner of the page which consists of some div tags and a JavaScript timer. Then use an ajax call to a server-side script that will query a database periodically and determine if the popup needs to show or not.

Your server-side script should return the exact message you need to be displayed in the popup, or if there is no output being returned, then the JavaScript will not initiate the popup.
tim_carterAuthor Commented:
i know this could be done with a div.. but i have seen some dating sites, actually showing this box even if the browser is minimized. I mean, almost functioning like a part of windows itself.? that cannot be done with a div
tim_carterAuthor Commented:
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