How to use equipment mailbox in Exchange 2007

The room mailbox I understand but the equipment mailbox... how do I use it from Outlook 2007?
With the Set-ResourceConfig -ResourcePropertySchem combined with scheduling assistant the room mbx is quite nice but how do I "utilise" equipment mailboxes, cant see resources, no button for equipment, no all equipment in gal (like all rooms)...etc etc anyone can explain how equipment mailboxes is suppoesed to be used?

Regards Mattias
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ullmannAuthor Commented:
Simple talk had a nice "user freindly" solution for equipment. In the end of the article was this: Set-AddressList -Identity "All Rooms" -RecipientFilter {(Alias -ne $null -and (RecipientDisplayType -eq 'ConferenceRoomMailbox' -or RecipientDisplayType -eq
'SyncedConferenceRoomMailbox' -or RecipientDisplayType -eq 'EquipmentMailbox'))}
Wich allows you to se equipment when you click the room button (scheduling assistant) and then you also can see capacity and description etc for equipment, nice thanks!!
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