Redundancy setup exchange 2007?

Okay, i am thinking i need some redundancy or at least some sort of backup server for my exchange server 2007. Here is my setup:

1 Exchange 2007 server hosting about 150 mailboxes.

what i want to be able to do:
I want to be able to switch to a new exchange server if something happens to my existing exchange. It doesnt need to be right away without the users noticing it, but I want to be able to reroute the emails to a new server and make sure that all emails are there and the databases are working. Ideally, this server number 2 would be in another localization than my existing server. (in case of fire, etc. )

There are many different scenarios I have seen, but I would like to hear your opinion about what is best for me. I am running on an open value license agreement with exchange enterprise and windows server standard with software assurance.

What would be my best option?

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johnnybrianIT managerAsked:
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If you have Exchange 2007 SP1 installed, mailbox server is stand-alone (not clustered) & LCR is not enabled then SCR is a good option for your environment. Refer below article for further detailed information.

Planning for Standby Continuous Replication

But this requires manual activation when your main server goes down.

If you want automatic failover then you have to go for CCR with Geocluster.
johnnybrianIT managerAuthor Commented:
Ill give it a go within the next weeks! Thanks!
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