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I have an XP Pro laptop connected to a AD domain.  This laptop is set up to use offline files that sync at log on and log off, which runs without error each time.  At one time it was set up to sync files on Server1 and Server2.  Since there was only one folder this user needed to be synched on Server2,  I unsynched the files on Server2, and copied them to the synched folder on Server1, so now the user only has one synched folder.  
  Every once in a while there is a message that says "you are no longer connected to Server2, working offline".  At this point a computer icon appears in the system tray.  When I look at the properties of the icon, the file sync window comes up and shows Server2  as offline and needing to sync.  This is the server that no longer has any synched files on it.  
  When I tell it to synch the files, it just runs but does not progress or finish.  I have to "end task" on it to get out of the window.  Also at this point the laptop can no longer see all the other folders on this server (Server2).  I have to reboot the machine to make the sync icon in the tray go away and give the user access to all the folders on Server2.  Any help is appreciated.
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cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
That might work.   i am thinking of searching the offline files folder for the file that it is trying to sync that is no longer there, and deleting that file from the cache.  What do yuo think about that?

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