CPU1 Status: Processor sensor for CPU1, IERR was deasserted?

The exact error is above.

I googled it and found nothing but crap. I will continue to search

By the way, when this happens the server freezes and you can't ping the server as if the nic card shut down. The server is still up according to the DRAC.

These are on 64bit blade servers running Windows 2003. Fresh build like all other servers. We currently have over 30 or so of these M600 64bit blades with no issues.

I don't want to just swap out the CPU without first understanding what this error code means.

Can anybody clue me in?

Thanks again everyone!
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As far as I can tell, this is a sensor error, deasserted means something like undetectable.
It could be either cpu or mainboard failure, or both. I would guess mainboard,  as a cpu error should be detected properly.
snyderkvAuthor Commented:
After reboot it did say deasserted.

How could I test the CPU? I really don't want to rebuild exchange that is running on this server but if I could test that it is the CPU then that would be an easy fix for I have spares.

What do you think?
Running memtest is usually a good burn-in test for unstable systems, let it run for at least 12 hours if it doesn't fail earlier.
If it fails/crashes during memtest, I would recommend swapping the CPU an see if it fails with another as long as you have spares availiable. If the error returns with another cpu, the mainboard is probably to blame. Since this is a blade, it could also be the enclosure, but that's unlikely for this kind of error.
Memtest can be found here http://www.memtest.org/  (bootable iso)
I have not tested memtest on this platform, but it should work as long as you get it started.

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snyderkvAuthor Commented:
Yup used memtest overnight and all was good
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