c:\|System Volume\_restore{1E66076C-F11A etc

I have over 70 such files in my system. Is there any way I can reduce this number and any way I can prevent them from accumulating to this extent. these files vary in size from 32mb to 1.7mb
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Right-Click "My Computer" and click "Properties" (or Control Panel -> System).  Click the "System Restore" tab.  There, you can either adjust how much space system restore uses or turn it off all together on selected drives or all drives.
You could also just reset System Restore (to retrieve those accumulated space) and create a new restore point. All the old restore points will be deleted and you can then create a new one.

How to turn off System Restore;

Can I control how much disk space System Restore uses?

System Restore FAQ:

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If you disable system restore, then it will remove all of them, or you can reduce the size of system restore, so it will only hold newer ones
Quickly reset all the System Restore points (Windows XP):
How do I remove all the System Restore points except the recent one?:

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GGeoffCAuthor Commented:
None of the above seem to work satisfactorily.
1. I tried to remove all system restore points but one (JSoup) but this failed and left one file of 406 fragments and 32mb. It did remove a number of files but still left 11 files
2. I then disabled system restore (IQComp)  which removed all the flies. I then restored it with 1% size. when 9 files returned withthe largest 16 fragments and 32 mb again

is the only solution then to continually carry out this last practice and put up with the very large file?
GGeoffC said "None of the above seem to work satisfactorily."  and "is the only solution then to continually carry out this last practice and put up with the very large file?"
Windows XP System Restore Frequently Asked Questions ?
IS disk space or the management the problem.  if Disk space is the problem then you need to weigh the  risk of OS damage not being recoverable: Consider a bigger disk or spanning two disks.
If 32MB is being considered as a "Large File", then as JSoup mentioned, a larger disk is definitely in order.  Otherwise, leaving System Restore turned off (thus no restore at all) is the only other option - as leaving it on and having it occupy less than 32MB if not much of a system restore anyways.  There is apparently no point in having it turned on at all in this case.  System restore needs to occupy space for it to function... it can't be avoided.

For future reference, please read the entire thread before posting so you won't duplicate anything from other comments e.g. links etc.

Thank you.
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