We are running SBS 2003 with a CA Bright Store internal Tape back up. I am trying to restore from back up on a new server on a different network, is this possible?

I am trying to restore our current SBS 2003 onto a new server from tape over the network. One problem is that the two SBS cannot be on the same network due to the one DC that SBS 2003 recognizes. I have the second SBS set up on domain; test.<domain for original SBS>.local. When I try to restore from the backup I continue to get an error as follows:

BrightStor ARCserve Backup -- Restore

Unable to connect to network drive. (DRIVE=\\TESTSRV\C$, EC=Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.)

Totals For................... Job
Total Session(s)............. 0
Total Skip(s)................ 0
Total Size (Disk)............ 0 KB
Total Size (Media)........... 0 KB
Elapsed Time................. 0s
Average Throughput........... 0 KB/min
Total Error(s)/Warning(s).... 1/0

Restore Operation Failed.
To start off I was going to just try to restore the C: drive. I cannot see how the login can have a bad user name or password, for the test server I am just using the Administrator account. And have retyped it and retried it many times. This is purely for testing purposes; I have never restored from tape before and would like to try it a few times before the day comes when I might have to. The test server does not have a tape drive so the only was for me to try this is over the network.
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Arcserve uses its own account for restores - check that the name & password are set up correctly for that account.

You might also want to check that the Arcserve services (go into Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Services have the correct login details for the target machine.
TristanIT ManagerCommented:
Try a fresh install of SBS and CA Arcserve on the new machine.

Then do a restore from tape over the top of the new installation.
MJcoutureAuthor Commented:

It appears to have been a password issue. I reinstalled the OS on the test server without Brightstor on it and it appears to be working. Before I give you your points I have a question with reference to the back up of the registry and the system state. If I am to restore each drive on the server, am I required to also restore the registry and system state individually or will this be accomplished when I restore the drive with the system files on it? I assume the registry and system state backups are for if you just need to recover those two without recovering the whole partition.
Simple answer - I don't know!

I've never used Arcserve to recover an entire system, I've just had to deal with it in the past when having to restore the odd file system for clients, and I'd had similar problems connecting to network drives and inevitably, it was because of account/password issues.

My (largely intuitive) advice here would be to restore all the drives and then the system state, for two reasons - presumably you need to restore all your drives anyway, and once that's done restoring the system state is very quick as its typically only a few dozen MB.

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MJcoutureAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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