Auto Import Flat Files SQL2005 SSIS?

We will be using a product called WebFocus to creat business system reports for users.  It will collect data from various sources into a SQL 2005 database.  The plan is to have triggers on the other systems db (Progress 9.1C) to write transactions out to a flat file to be imported into the SQL 2005 DB.  I am in the process of getting up to speed on SQL2005 (we have used SQL2000 up to now), and I believe SSIS in SQL 2005 will do nicely, but I haven't gotten up tp speed enough to answer this initial question:
Can SSIS be setup to look at a directory and automatically import these flat files in when they show up?

Ideally we would like to have it so as the other system creates the files and puts them in a directory, the SQL2005 automatically pulls them.

Will SSIS do this or will I need some other product?
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PedroCGDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1. You can create a SSIS package to look for files in a directory using For Each Loop.
See and download the package I made here:

2. Then you can use a SQL Job to execute eah minute or for example use the konesans control that do it for you... See and download the packahe I made here:


DLHamblinAuthor Commented:
Wow, Yes excatly what I was looking for.  You have been very helpful!
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