Mapped to networked printer- can not se printer preferences

Problem: (Only affecting the computer in question)
One of our Windows XP- SP2 computers it mapped to a networked printer; before printing a document, the user opens the printer preferences (I get the same problem logged on as an admin) but do not see any available options to select paper size, source,  type, etc.  I have tried several versions of the print driver; even mapped to this printer through a Windows Server 2003 printer sharing over Directory Service and used the same driver as other computers on the LAN.
Note; I tried but can not delete the local TCP/IP printer port that was setup for this printer, it tells me that it is in use.  I would like to remove it and try remapping it.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Has anyone ever experienced any thing remotely simular tho this?

System Info:
Windows XP- SP2
Xerox Phaser 3450 PCL 6 ver. 3.04.05:02 windows print driver (Microsoft compliant)
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Will SzymkowskiConnect With a Mentor Senior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Hello there,

A couple things you could try. On one of the computers you are having issues gettting to the properties, Open Printers/Faxes click File>server properties>driver tab>see if the pre-existing drivers are still listed there if they are delete them and try again.

If you cannot delete the tcp/ip port becasue it says its in use unplug that computer from the network and then try re-deleting the port. Plug the computer back into the network and remap.

Keep us updated
HollywoodRayAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response.  I had totally forgot about the Open Printers/Faxes click File>server properties>driver tab.
Once there I was able to remove the old driver as well as the TCP/IP port.
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