New Dell T5800 CPU with 4GB ram Vista x32 or x64?

I just purchased a new Dell computer - T5800 with 4GB of ram... it comes with Vista x32.

Is it worth switching to Vista x64? Should I switch to XP Pro x64 instead?
Do I have to get special versions of software to work with x64? Would the drivers that Dell provided me with work on the x64 system or would I have to download new ones?
I'm wondering if its worth while? and if I should leave it, does anyone know where I can find instructions to delete all the extra dell crap that comes on the out of the box setup?

Thanks in advance!
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
If its a matter of Vista64 or XP64 then no doubt in my mind - go for Vista.
If you are debating Vista32 or Vista64 then its more of a decision - the world is slowly going 64bit - so it would make snnse to go that way - the only fly in the ointent are drivers - make sure that you can get 64bit Vista drivers for ALL of your hardware - 64bit vista is not yet supported ny some manufacturers and you may have problems with getting drivers for older peripherals - but it much better supported than XP64.

As for program, the vast majority of 32bit programs will work with no issues on a 64 bit machine, you will also have the advantage that all of your 4Gb ram can be used - if you opt for the 32bit version then you will be limited to about 3.5Gb RAM as the remaining .5Gb or so is used for addressing system functions etc.

If you are going to install 64bit vista then you will have to do a clean install from the Vista CD - you cannot upgrade from 32bit to 64bit.
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