Number of Citrix users per servers

Hi Guys

I was wondering what people's experiences were regarding the number of users they have per Citrix P4.5 server.

We are looking at two "types" of server;

ServerA: Virtualised, 4 GB RAM, 2 x CPU's assigned, PS4.5 on Windows 2003
ServerB: Non-virtual, 32 GB RAM, PS4.5 64bit on Windows 2003 x64 Standard, 2 x quad-cre CPU 2.66Ghz

ServerB type is meant for Office 2003/Office 2007, whereas ServerA template will be for bespoke apps to smaller groups of users.

From what I've read, the ServerA types should be able to support about 80 users, whereas the ServerB types, 500. Can someone confirn if this is true?

The ZDC/Secondary ZDC and Web Interface will be ServerA types but dedicated boxes.

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Carl WebsterCommented:
500 users on one server!  That I would like to see.  Dell and Citrix and HP and Citrix have pegged 64-bit servers with 32GB RAM running Server 2003 Enterprise and XenApp 4.5 FR1 64-bit at around 230 to 280 users (can't remember the exact number).

XenApp is memory bound not necessarily processor bound.  XenApp wants RAM and more RAM.

I have seen ServerA get from 7 to 78 users depending on the applications.
I have seen ServerB get up to 200 users depending on the applications.

If you have less than 50 XenApp servers you do not "need" a dedicated ZDC.  A ZDC can become processor bound if you have a lot of dynamic activity in your farm.

What will be sitting in front of or besides or on the Web Interface server?
this is very hard to say.

i would say that 80 users on a single 32 bit system is ambitious.  i would suggest about 1/2 that.
in addition i would never want all 80 users on one box in the event of a failure.  for fault tollerance purposes alone i would want at least 2 servers if not 3.

for server b, again i would say the same.  500 is a little high, i would do the math on the memory for each user and them multiply it for the number of users, but i would say 500 is high.
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