move cursor from virtual pc window to desktop

I am using Virtual PC.  When I try to move the cursor from virtual pc window to desktop, it won't go beyond that window.  This is NOT what the Microsoft demo showed.
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Kieran_BurnsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you enabled the virtual machine additions?
I think it is in guest menu, actions.... but it's been a while since I've looked myself
you need to press the right ALT button to release the cursor
dparrotAuthor Commented:
OK, that moves the cursor to the desktop.  But that won't allow me to drag and drop documents.  Also, if I move outside of the Virtual PC window, I lose whatever was in memory (as in doing a cut and paste from  Virtual PC to a desktop document).
dparrotAuthor Commented:
That took care of everything.  It is such a simple solution.  I wonder why Microsoft doesn't just make this part of the normal VC install.
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