Syncing Time to Outside Servers

We need to open the UDP port 123 between both our office's internal network and
1vault (Offsite Location).  We are having issues with syncing correctly to outside time servers.  We are
planning on syncing all our Asterisk systems with 1 vault as a central location. What are the steps to do so.

I need to know where should all these configurations take place.

Thank you
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dkarpekinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Post topology digram and "ipconfig /all" from interested PC's.
Who will be the server to provide time on network?
For cisco "show config".
I do assume registry was modifyed to pull time from the right IP/name?
Or provide more detailed info, how time sync is configured now- is it "default" or else?
How change time sync, you can get from microsoft support.
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