All my DCs are corrupt...atleast for this scenario

Thankfully all my DCs are not really corrupt, but I am developing a plan incase that happens or if all DCs are lost.  I'm looking for help filling in the holes that I have missed and to correct any information that is not valid.  My plan would be to boot one of the DCs into Directory Restore Mode and perform an authoritative restore of the system state on that DC.  Once the authoritative restore is complete, would the other corrupt DCs receive the restored database via replication?

To perform the authoritave restore, we would restore the System State using Backup Exec, reboot the DC back into Directory Services Restore Mode, Start ntdsutil, type ntdsutil: authoritative restore, mark the entire database as authoritative by typing authoritative restore: restore database

Anything that I'm missing?  Thanks for any help!
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Brian PierceConnect With a Mentor PhotographerCommented:
Assuming that AD replication is still working then, yes, if you do an authoritave restore then this will replcate to the other DCs.

The procedure is detailed at
isd721Author Commented:
What would you do if AD replication is not working?  What might be some of the causes of AD replication problems?
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