how can i prevent spider and people from going into a page more then 25 times

i used to use sessions in order to count how many times someone enters a page and if it is 25 i ask him to close the internet explorer and open it agaen , but i did not know that if a spider goes into the page the session wont work , and now i know this and i want the spiders to have this limitions as will
how can i do it

do i need something else other than sessions  what and how i do this

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jausionsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use a database and store a mix of IP address and user agent information to track who is visiting the page. Spiders usually have special user agent string, so that should give you a better indication of who comes to the page.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Spiders will activate the session_start() command, unless you have programmed around it.  So the spiders will be subject to the counting limits that you place on human visitors.

Why do you want to keep spiders from finding more than 25 pages in a request?

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