Type mismatch error when calling a class

I have written two classes for capturing XML data passed to my Flash movie.  The first class, "Clip", encapsulates data pertaining to a movie clip (path to a swf file, a url to use with the move, etc.).  The second class, "Clips", is intended to be a collection of Clip instances.  "Clips" uses an array to store individual instances of "Clip".

The class, "Clip", has been tested and works fine.
The class, "Clips", throws a Type Mismatch Error when it attempts to create a new instance of "Clip" and push it into the array.  "Clips" is acting like it doesn't understand "Clip", although I have made sure to import it.

Why is it throwing the Type Mismatch Error?  
// class "Clip"
// file "Clip.as"
class Clip {
	// Instance variables
	private var path:String;
	private var link:String;
	public var first:String;
	private var pf:String = "clp";
	// Constructor
	function Clip(node:XMLNode) {
		// Get the path to the swf file
		path = node.childNodes[0].firstChild;
		// Get the click-link from the file to the target destination
		link = node.childNodes[1].firstChild;
	// Getters
	function getPath():String {return path;}
	function getLink():String {return link;}
	// Setters
	function setFirst(index:Number):String {
		first = pf + index;
		return (first);
// class "Clips"
// file "Clips.as"
import Clip;
class Clips {
	// Instance variables
	private var ary_clips:Array = new Array();
	// Constructor
	function Clips(node:XMLNode) {
		// Loop through the clip objects
		var i:Number;
		for(i=0; i<node.childNodes.length; i++) {
			// Add a new clip instance to the array
			var n:XMLNode = node.childNodes[i];
			var c:Clip = new Clip(n);
	// Getters
	function Count():Number {
		return ary_clips.length;
	function HasClips():Boolean {
		if(Count > 0) {
			return true;
		} else {
			return false;
	function Clip(index:Number):Clip {
		if(index >=0 and index < Count) {
			return ary_clips[index];
		} else {
			return null;

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ewolsingAuthor Commented:
I solved my own problem.

The class, "Clips", contained a method called "Clip".  When I changed the name of the "Clip" method to "Item", everything worked as expected.

The moral of the story -- don't give a method the same name as a class you're also trying to use...

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