sql server 2008 maintenance plan

I have a clustered environment with a shared drive that sql server 2008 is installed on

I am trying to create a maintenace plan but it keeps failing with a login failed entry in the log file

I'm confused since the id is in format domain/administrator and this id password lets me log in to sql server 2008

any ideas?
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chapmandewConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the maintenance plan is a job, so you can look under the jobs folder to get the history and detailed information regarding the problem.  The job should be using SSIS...do you have SSIS installed?
It is probably the user that is running the sql agent account.  Check that service and if necessary change it to an account that can log into the db.
johnnyg123Author Commented:
I think I'm following you...let's see

checked the sql server agent and the id dmz\administrator is running the sql agent account

when I login in to sql server management studio I'm using dmz\administrator (with authentication set to windows authentication)

That seems to work fine

The maintenance plan is using local server connection which uses dmz\administrator (with authentication set to windows authentication)   but the maintenace plan is failing

johnnyg123Author Commented:

Funny you should mention SSIS

When I looked in the job history, SSIS apparently was not installed.  

Apparenlty some issues with ssis and clustering...will go down that road.  Thanks for the point in the right direction
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