False incoming mail indication

Outlook 2007 always indicates 1 additional unopened incoming mail item. I have tried reloading Outlook, but to no avail. there is something clearly amiss in the database, but i cannot afford to delete all my emails and start again. It is not critical, I am quite used to it, but just occasionally it gets on my nerves. Anyone got any good suggestions?
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DavidT543Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Well your solution then is to create a new pst file - and open it from your current Outlook.

Drag all the folder from yoru existing folder hierarchy into the new pst file (making sure to copy rather than move)

Delete the inbox folder in your new pst.

Create a new folder called Inbox in your new pst

Drag all the emails from your inbox into teh new inbox folder (hopefully it will only drag the ones you can see.

In tools > Account Settings  change the location where new mail is deleivered to your new inboc folder in your new pst.

Close Outlook.
Re-open outlook.
Close the old pst (rightclick and select close)

You should have a new clean pst with no hidden email in your inbox.
David LeeCommented:
Hi, LenBuurman.

"1 additional unopened incoming mail item"

Do you mean that Outlook says it's downloading 2 messages, but only 1 appears in the Inbox?  Or do you mean that after downloading the Inbox shows that it has 2 items when it really only has 1?
1. Right click on the inbox and select 'Mark all as read'

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LenBuurmanAuthor Commented:
I am connected to btopenworld.com via pop3
I have tried mark all as read previously, it does not fix the problem. I suspect that the problem was caused by cleaning a virus about a year ago, I used a Symantek fix. I cannot remember what the virus was.
LenBuurmanAuthor Commented:
Hi Bluedevilfan,
I mean that when all the emails have been opened, then the Inbox indicates that there is one more unopened item.
David LeeCommented:
Do you have a filter set that's causing one item to not be shown?
LenBuurmanAuthor Commented:
I shall check on Sunday for a filter, but I do not think so.
LenBuurmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your patience.
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