Need to program PIC18F452 in order to transmit data through Serial Port

PIC Schema:

PIC Diagram:

Board Schematic:

I need to write a program that can read the temperature and then transmit it through the serial port so I can read it from my PC.

the links above have some information about the PIC and the board I'm working on, and if you need more information you can go to: which is all about the same board I'm using, or you can ask if you need more help!

This is my board:
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I'd like to clarify, as your questions at both threads are not clear to me>
>I need to write a program that can read the temperature...
So do you have such difficulties or looking for someone to help you? or what?
mobsosAuthor Commented:
the websites you provided seems to be selling the hardware component.

I have my PIC ready as it shown on the picture, and I just need help writing the assembly code.
You don't need to purchase the hardware, you can download the source code from them for free , it is exactly the application you need, with a little modification it will run on your board..

>I just need help writing the assembly code
Do you want someone to write it for you or what?
Your other thread still open, thought your problem was solved, would you please tell me what do you need?
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