Networked printer can scan from to PC to printer but not vice versa

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I have a Brother MFC 8460N that is networked off a Linksys router.  If, from any PC, we try to scan to the printer using their "control center" it works great.  However, if we use, at the printer itself, their "control panel" feature which allows you to scan to a PC, it just keeps saying "Connecting to PC" forever.  I have disabled ALL firewalls and even tried to disable all virus protection at the PC.  I was on the phone forever with Brother and we tried all kinds of things.  Finally, they said the problem was with the Linksys router and I would have to call Linksys to "add an exception" to allow scanning from the printer to the pc.  

I can't find anywhere on the Linksys that would allow or disallow an exception like this.  It is a pretty standard router (NOT wireless).  I think it's a BEFSR41.

Does anyone have any idea if there is something I can modify on the router and/or the printer to make scanning work FROM the printer to the PC.  

Not that it probably matters, but we have Windows XP and the router assigns IP addresses dynamically.
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No responses to my question  in a week so I give up, closing it.

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