WAN Failover not working properly.

I have a Sonicwall Pro 2040 running Enhanced OS at a cliet site.

When the primary WAN link goes down, the client has to literally unplug the link to that port (Port X1) for the backup WAN link to kick in (Port X3).  I checked the settings and everything seems to be fine so i dont know any other settings that I may be missing or whatnot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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i may need some details.
which connection is failing.  how do you have the failover setup.
what version of sonicOS are you running?

Magic9669Author Commented:
Hey thanks for the response.

The Primary WAN link is failing, X1.

We are running the Enhanced OS.

Under WAN Failover and LB, here is how its set up:
  Primary WAN Ethernet Interface - X1
  Secondary WAN Ethernet Interface - X3
  Enable Load Balancing is Checked
  Basic Active/Passive Failover is set with
       Preempt and Failback to Primary WAN when possible is checked

Last but not least the WAN Interfaces Monitoring is set to default

Hope this helps.  Thanks.
on the sonic wall  pro 2040 that i have with default monitoring set the fail over will never register that a link is down because it just pings the default gateway of the line

now the default gateway of your internet lines is probbly onsite (ie the router) with you so unless someone powers off the router that the sonic wall is connected to it will never see the link as down

if you setup probing and give it external ip's to ping then it will be able to tell when the curcut is dead and failover correctly

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