HTTPS works, HTTP does not

Hello.  I have an issue with Internet Explorer.  For some reason it will open HTTPS sites but no HTTP sites.  I do not believe that it is DNS as other machines on the network using the same DNS server have no problems.  FYI, it happened after installing Windows Updates (Looks like KB958644, KB955069, and KB957097) and I have not tried removing them as of yet.

Things that I have tried...
--Changed IP address of server.  I have seen instances where a single IP stops working for some strange reason, not the case here.
--Flushed DNS Cache (both local and on DNS Server)
--Restarted DNS
--Rebooted Machine

OS Version Windows Server 2003 SP2
Also running Exchange 2000 and AD
IE 7

Any ideas?

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jcimarronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NKC_USER--Are you using AVG software?  If so look here  and run the Search for 1561

This problem comes up fromtime to time on IE7.  The only solutions that I have seen is to

1)  Create a new user account in Windows and use IE7 from there.

2)  Uninstall IE7 and go back to IE6.

Hope this helps!
NKC_USERAuthor Commented:
I uninstalled IE7, back to 6.0.3790.  Same thing.  Only HTTPS.  I also tried logging in under a different account but it still acts the same.

Any other ideas?
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I installed these 3 updates today also.  Suddenly I began having issues connecting to my work's VPN using the Cisco VPN client, which I generally never have trouble with.  I could only connect intermittently, and when I could connect, there was a lot of latency.  As soon as I uninstalled these updates, the problem disappeared.

I was also having problems browsing the Internet.  I do recall that at one point, I could bring up an https address but not an http address, either in IE7 or Firefox 3.  I could bring up http addresses only if I specified them by IP address, so I assumed it was a DNS issue that my provider was having.

I called my ISP and they said they were receiving a lot of calls from customers complaining that they couldn't connect to ordinary websites like Google and Youtube.  They said they were aware of the problem and their technicians were working on it, leading me to accept that it was indeed a DNS problem on their side.

I'm just guessing here, but maybe a lot of these customers had also just applied these Windows updates.  It sure sounds like there's an issue with one or more of them (KB958644, KB955069, and KB957097), since the problem went away right after I uninstalled them.

NKC_USERAuthor Commented:
That was it!
NKC_USERAuthor Commented:
Jcimarron, That was the fix.  AVG broke HTTP connections.
NKC_USER--Glad to hear that all is well.
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