Cannot Move/Copy/Archive messages to a PST

I am running Exchange 2007, with most clients using OWA and a few hundred using Outlook 2003-2007.  Mail is stored on the Mailbox servers and the users do not have PST's.  I have several users who are now trying to create Archive.PST's and PST's.  They cannot move single messages or multiple messages to any Archive or additional PST.  These users are spanned on several databases/storage groups.  They receive the following message when trying to move messages into a PST/Archive: "The Item Cannot Be Moved.  It was either already moved or deleted, or access was denied".  I have followed all of the suggestions on this site and nothing works.  The PST's or Archives are newely created, have been recreated and placed locally where they have full permission.  Users can move messages freely if they do so in the mailbox, but once it is going to a local PST/Archive, I receive that error message.  PLEASE HELP!
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GWMerrellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that is it!   Good job!
Is there a Group Policy or was the feature for Office/ Outlook setup to prevent users from untilizing PST's?
For example, Outlook 2007 can be configured to:  
Prevent users from adding new content to exsiting PST files  -  "This setting prevents users from adding any new content to PST files linked to their profiles."

I could check for these settings being enabled within your GP's or even the registry of your Outlook client.
Ryan_DongAuthor Commented:
More Info:
This only happens on Outlook 2007 clients.  I can do the move/copy/archive with no problem using Outlook 2003.  There is no group policy setup to prevent this.  This happens with existing PST's and new PST's.  All of the mail items sit on the actual Exchange 2007 Mailbox server.
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Run setup.exe /admin on the Office 2007 setup to ensure that it wasnt setup with that feature, it sounds like it is enabled for 07 clients.
Ryan_DongAuthor Commented:
What is enabled for 07 clients?
Ryan_DongAuthor Commented:
I found the solution, thanks to GWMerrell for leading me down the right path:
Go into the registry to edit the following key:
Change the value of  PSTDisableGrow to 0
It is set to 1 by default if you are having this problem

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