DVD drive doesn't spin up

I have a Philips DVP 5960 set top DVD player. Other than the chincy DVD drive mfd by Sony, it's a very basic and solid device that plays most of the AVI's I can throw at it via the USB drive. The DVD drive however is dead. It makes a buzzing noise but fails to spin the dvd, with a little help (spinning the disc manually, I took the hood off of the player) it will begin to spin but is wobbly and makes a severe grinding noise. The disc is not scratched or being scratched. It seems the motor is dead or dying.  I'm looking for options, thoughts, feelings, concerns in this matter.


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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Buy a used one off of ebay.

I hope this helps !
cn_choAuthor Commented:
The device actually is a used one which I just picked up super cheap :) :P : 0

The USB on it works fine and so does everything else (I assume). It tries to spin the disc, (you can hear it) but the 'spinner' feels really 'tight' or misaligned, it is difficult to turn by hand. I'm guessing I either need to dissamble it, 'pop' it off? or maybe just turn it gently/ungently until it decides to get 'on track' ?
PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It died. I wont spend time to trouble shoot it instead go get new one. I like this Philip too ... watch movies from usb drive attached to it :o)
cn_choAuthor Commented:
Mkay, I'd hoped that I could find a way to resurrect it because it works like a charm otherwise. Thank you!
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