Install MS-DOS on a system that does not have a floppy drive - how to do it?

I want to install MS-DOS in a Virtual PC machine. I have the DOS 6.2 installation diskettes, but my system does not have a 3.5-inch floppy drive. Is there a way I can copy the diskettes onto a CD-ROM or USB key drive and then use that to install DOS? If so, what steps are required?

Thanks in advance
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see here:
I can't say I know how the virtual PC concept works, but if I remember correctly, the dos 6.2 install process is "simply" a question about copying the contents of the floppies to a directory named C:\DOS. Then, of course, the path and such must be set in autoexec.bat and system parameters in config.sys. The file should be in the C:\ (the root).

The files on the floppies may be compressed (their filename extensions have a - or a _ in them) and then the process involves inflating them before they are copied to the C:\DOS directory. The first floppy has a program (expand.exe or something like that) that does that.

In reality, you need only the io.sys and msdos.sys in the right place (and the to have a running DOS system of sorts, or at least a bootable drive. If you format a hard drive with the "format /s" command, the process involves putting those three files in their proper places and that makes the drive DOS bootable. Once that is taken care of, you can simply make a "DOS" directory (an internal command, part of and then copy over the floppy contents (or expand and copy if that is needed) to that directory.

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