Why won't chkdsk run on my XP laptop?

I am trying to repartition my HDD.

Acronis Disk Director won't let me and tells me  "File system error.  Run list corrupted"

When I try to run chkdsk c: /r /f to fix the above it never runs.

i have tried starting chkdsk using  the command console, reboot with command console, Disk management within Windows, but on every restart nothing happens.

I thought it was a problem with Lenovo Rescue and Recovery 4.2 and uninstalled it, but that didn't help.
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quentinpAuthor Commented:
It does run on other partitions.  

I don't have Goback, but I don't think the registry settings are likely to be the issue?? (But tell me if you think they are - I have previous registries backed up.  I don't know how long ago this might have been working, and don't want to try loads of different registries."

BTW I've found out that my drive isn't "dirty", whatever that means.

One of the threads you pointed me to (thanks) had this :

"I solved this one on my own after many more hours of searching the net and trying things out, i realized that i could install the xp recovery console to my harddrive by running c:\I386\WINNT32.EXE /cmdcons, which then allowed me to reboot into an environment where i could do the chkdsk /r. i then repartitioned my disk and installed FC4 with no problems at all."

I don't really understand what the guy above is saying, should I try this, and how do I run "c:\I386\WINNT32.EXE /cmdcons" - is it from the cmd within XP?

I don't have a separate XP boot disc from Lenovo - just a set of discs for a full system restore.  So I'm not sure I can use them to boot into an XP Recovery Console.  I have other XP discs for other computers is there any issue if I use one of them (with older version of XP) to boot into the recivery console?

Many thanks
>>  I've found out that my drive isn't "dirty", whatever that means.    <<  if it does not have the dirty bit set, it means chkdsk will not run.
i suggest to test your disk drive with the manuf's diag, it can be bad :  
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quentinpAuthor Commented:
"i suggest to test your disk drive with the manuf's diag, it can be bad :  

I've done all sorts of read write tests using utilities that Lenovo provided, so I doubt that Hitachi's drive fitness test will produce anything different.  DFT doesn't seem to run any test on the file system at all, just on the disk integrity etc like the other utilities.  But I'll try it.

If my disk must be "dirty" for chkdsk to run then how do I set the dirty bit?  This would seem a clear next step.  Bit isn't set, but at least one utility (Acronis) thinks there's a problem with the file system.

Many thanks
with fsutil :  http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753059.aspx
but it can be your file system, or OS is corrupt.
you can try then :
to run sfc /scannow frrom the run box, or :
a repair install : http://www.michaelstevenstech.com/XPrepairinstall.htm      

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quentinpAuthor Commented:
I set the dirty bit from the cmd window inside XP using "fsutil dirty set c:" and it said the bit was set, but chkdsk still didn't run when I rebooted.  Should it have?
then your OS is corrupt...see my recommendations above
quentinpAuthor Commented:
sfc scannow did it!

Chkdsk ran.

Disc Director was happy.

Partition is resized.

Thanks again.
good it's running again!
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