Full Mailbox Access Grayed Out


I know where to look in Exchange Manager and AD for the full mailbox rights to a user.  I'm an Enterprise Admin and I just built this new domain.  For exchange in this domain, all my permission are grayed out.  Meaning I see that I have DENY for Full Mailbox Rights for my account and Enterprise Admins but I can't change the settings.  It says "this setting is being controlled by a parent container" or something like that.  But there are no exchange settings on OUs etc.  So how do I gain full mailbox access for my users?
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By defualt admins dont have access to mailboxes.. Your easiest thing todo is to create a user that you would use to access mailboxes (who is not an domain admins.. etc..) then you can access outlookk through say OWA with that user...
dlabbadia01Author Commented:
yes i understand that method and appreciate your feedback.  what i'm wondering is why in one of my companies i can see and change all of this with my admin/user account.  but in this new on i built it's completely not accessible to change the settings.  I want to remove the DENY from my account.  But it's not allowing me to even change any settings as it's saying it's inheriting the settings.  Unfortunately i have no idea where it's inheriting from.
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dlabbadia01Author Commented:
that's what i was referencing.  my problem is that i'm a member of Domain Admins and Enterprise Admins and therefore get DENY because of group membership.  I really don't want to c reate a seperate account to manage mailboxes.  I just want to use my account.  I've done it this way for 6 years.  Now something apparently has changed.  VERY annoying.  I'll keep looking.
dlabbadia01Author Commented:
i suppose i can go into Exchange system manager and choose the SERVER security properties and choose to NOT inherit from parent and force no deny for myself, enterprise admins and domain admins.  It's simply annoying at this point that it says it's inheriting from parent but what is a server in ESM's parent?  There's nothing above it to refer to.  

Have a look @ http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;264733&sd=tech
This will add the security tab within side ESM..
You should then be able to remove the deny on the organisation level...

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dlabbadia01Author Commented:
worked like a charm.  i'm in a unique situation as i'm in the domain and enterprise admin groups so i needed to remove the deny Send As and Receive As permissions on the security tab and all is good now.
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