Crystal Report gives DLL error when trying to export to Excel

Hi Experts!,

I was trying to export an Crystal report (8.5 ver) to Excel 8.0 (XLS) format ... I do this export in order to make changes on the data...

So as usual to run my reports...
1. I open the report
2. Refresh the Database,
3. Select the export icon,
4. In export Option selected Excel 8.0 (XLS)..(also I have tried the 7 and 5) but with no luck
5. Selected Destination ...Application ...OK
6. The report starts to run and at the 84% stops and shows the message :"Failed to export the report"
"Failed to export Report ...Error in MSExcel Export Format DLL"

I have tried to run same report in different workstations (thinking might be  excel or crystal) but I got same error DLL error ...

Any idea what is happening? and what can I do to fix it?
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MIKEConnect With a Mentor Software Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Well....I think that it may have to do with Computer Processor speed and resources.

I've always had problems when trying to export many columns of dataout of Crystal.

Have you loaded and installed all of the latest updates / fixes for your version? Exporting from ONE program (Crystal) into another Excel is actually a very, very complicated process. So when the report is offloading alot columns of data ..things can go wrong in ahurry.

What is your database? I know that SQL Server has ability export data easily and efficiently and yuo can even build scheduled processes so that exports happen automatically.

Crystal is really a REPORTING program and wasn't really developed to be an EXPORT program. It can and does handle Export to Excel very well...but again...when you load up with many columns of data... your computer memory and resources really need to be fast in order to offload it out of Crystal before Crystal ERROR out.

Again too...I would recommend a REBOOT to clear your memory etc...and try the export again...

MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
Is this a WIDE report or a report that has alot of columns?

Be sure that your Crystal Report is DESIGNED for efficeint exporting to Excel. Remove unneccessary HEADERS AND is best if it is in a table / BLOCK format.

Also,..have you rebooted your workstation lately...sometimes...things get all discombobulated...on the workstation and a reboot fixes it up again....  

ranyaid11Author Commented:
Yes, the report is a wide report (a lot of columns)..... Do you think I need to delete some columns? or create 2 separete reports ?
Strange thing is last week I ran the report without a problem...just today didn't want to...
ranyaid11Author Commented:
Thanks for the advice CRXluser, I
ll try to get the updates...and if it doesn't wokr will try to export the data directly from SQL database.
Thanks Again!
MIKESoftware Solutions ConsultantCommented:
You are VERY welcome and I'm glad I was able to help out....

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