randomly kicks off users - no appearant reason, no event viewer errors

Hello, we are having our Citrix users being kicked off randomly (sometimes the user can work all day and it will be fine, the next day they get kicked out two or three times in one day).   There are no errors in the event viewer of the SG, except to say, "the session was disconnected by either the client or server".  No errors in the event viewer of the presentation servers.  We have two presentation servers, one running ver4.0 the other 4.5.  Users will get kicked out no matter which presentation server they log onto.  

Secure Gateway 3.0 - Presentation4.0 & 4.5

Also, do you know of a Citrix monitoring tool that would aid troubleshooting this at all?
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you can setup keep alives in the farm settings.
you can also configure session reliability again at the farm level.
the major question i have is.
when the user loses connection, can they reconnect, or is the session lost.

it is possible to setup citrix to disconnnect the session, or reset it when connectivity is lost (assuming that is the issue here).

citrix has a product called Edgesite that is all about monitoring.

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kemiadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply, The user reported that it sometimes will and sometimes won't allow her to resume her session after being kicked off.  The Farm settings are set to do the auto reconnect on the disconnected session and the session reliability is on but was only set to   This is also more than one user who reports these issues, but not all of them...so, it's a little confusing figuring out how, what, where, why.  Everyone is coming in through the WI, which is on the same machine as the Secure Gateway...if that helps.
i would look at the networking.  i think you are simply dropping packets.
edgesite is the citrix monitoring software.

you could look at the secure gateway event viewer for some idea what is happening.
kemiadminAuthor Commented:
I think the session reliability setting helped.  I made the change and have seen the calls go down from the users being kicked off.  

BTW - I'll research, but is edgesite intended for Presentation Server 4.5?

Thanks for your help!
I am having somewhat of the same issue.  This is within Xen 6.5.  Users are using Citrix Desktop connection to the Citrix server and running a AS400 app from that server.  When they are kicked off of the app they are able to log in immediately.  What else can i do besides:

change setting on RDP and TCP to never dissconect
created a policy with Xenapp for idle time and disconnect session
session reliability is enable and set
ica keep-alive set to 30 seconds.
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