dangling if else problem causes curly braces not detected

I've tried to use the approach below, however then after using the %prec LOWER_THAN_ELSE

when I have a { it fails to detect it
%nonassoc TELSE
stmt : TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt %prec LOWER_THAN_TELSE
     | TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt TELSE stmt

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>> when I have a { it fails to detect it

How does the { fit into these rules ? Can you show the rules you used as well as the sample input that fails ?
kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
Here's an example:

the problem is if there's an else statement.. sorry..not the braces

TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt %prec LOWER_THAN_ELSE
                              /* tree */
                              $$.node = MakeTreeStmt($3.node,      $5.node,      NULL,      NULL,      T_STMT_IFELSE,      NULL);
                        | TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt TELSE stmt  
                              /* tree */
                              $$.node = MakeTreeStmt($3.node,      $5.node,      $7.node,      NULL,      T_STMT_IFELSE,      NULL);

If I remove the else stmt it works

void main(void){
    int d;
    if (1 == 1) 
       d = 2;
       d = 5;

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>> If I remove the else stmt it works

What happens if it doesn't work ? Can you describe that as detailed as possible ? What's the parse path it follows ? Does it fail ?

>> Here's an example:

I meant all rules used (stmt most importantly, but also its sub-rules etc.)
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kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
here's my whole parse.y file and notice that I've removed the :


as when I use it doesn't accept the if else...
1) This line is not supposed to be there :

>> %token LOWER_THAN_ELSE            

2) The order is wrong :

>> %nonassoc TELSE
>> %nonassoc LOWER_THAN_ELSE

has to be :

        %nonassoc LOWER_THAN_ELSE
        %nonassoc TELSE

because the else block binds to the closest if, thus TELSE has to have higher precedence.

3) You need to actually use LOWER_THAN_ELSE in order to solve the conflict :

        stmt : TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt %prec LOWER_THAN_ELSE
                | TIF '(' boolexp ')' stmt TELSE stmt

    Otherwise the parser does not know where to use the precedence rules.

4) What's this supposed to do ?

>>                         | TIF '(' expr

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kuntilanakAuthor Commented:
thanks now it's fixed
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