How do I Programmatically remove a Digital Signature from an Outlook Mail Item or Surpress the dialog when altering a signed message?

I've created a small add-in for Outlook 2007 that removes the attachments and inserts a link to the removed files.  Everything works, however when modifying a message with a digital certificate the user will be prompted with a warning that saving the message will remove the certificate (which it should be since it's been modified).

I want to suppress the dialog or remove the digital signature before saving the modified messages.  Messages without the signatures save with no issues.

There is an office. Signature names space available but it doesn't appear to be applicable to outlook mail items.
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J-TechieConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the namespace

SignedCMS allows the management of encryption and signing with x509 certificates.
ParanormasticCryptographic EngineerCommented:
Seems to me that the way to go about that would be to export/save it as a .msg file so the digital signature would remain intact and just link to the whole message, or to make an exception to let signed emails through.  Sorry, not my area to say how exactly to go about doing this, but maybe this might get you started down the right path or pop an idea into the head of another expert to carry forward with this idea.
J-TechieAuthor Commented:
Your suggestion wont actually work as is, but I will try and see if copying the message and deleting the original will remove the Signature.  If that works, youll get the points.
J-TechieAuthor Commented:
Copying the message doesn't work.

I attempted to modify the message then copy it, but you get the same warning regarding the Digital ID.  Nearly everyone I deal with has a Digital ID, so it is a bit of a annoyance.  

There has to be some way to strip the digital id from the message.
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