How to repair My IBM Thinkpad laptop wireless network connection?

I have IBM Thnikpad T series laptop. And recently i can't connect any wireless network and i found that it is disabled and when i try to enable it is giving error like  " Windows is not handling this and other services handling wireless network". I try to repair wireless network connection and giving error saying that "Windows can't repair this" or Can you please explain me how to solve this issue? Thanks.
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You are using a third party to handle the wireless adaptor. Fortunately the fix is easy:
Go to your services snap-in (type services.msc in the run prompt). In the resulting window find the services called Wireless Zero Configuration and start the service. This will then hand control of the wireless adaptor back to Windows.
You need to go to programs and find Thinkvantage> Access connections.

This is the utility that controls the wireless connections. You can search for your wireless network and connect to it. It will ask you if you want to enable the 'wireless radio'. Obviously you want to do that.

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PKTGAuthor Commented:
Wireless Zero Configuration is showing started and still i am getting same error. And IBM Access connection is not working eventhough i click  the shortcut.  While repairing the Wireless network connectivity( Intel(R) PRO / Wireless 2200BG network connection) i go the below error
Windows could not finish repairing the problem because the following action cannot be completed. Connecting to the Wireless network. For assistance, contact the person who manages your network
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That a different error message from the one you mentioned earlier.
There is a problem with the wireless network, not your adaptor. This could be an incorrect encryption key, MAC filtering on the AP, ESSID is wrong etc.
Check your settings are correct for the WLAN you are connecting to.
Just re-read it - when you used the IBM software for it, this will have had your settings stored, i.e encryption key. But now you have turned on Wireless Zero Config, Windows is now handling your connection but this does not have access to the settings from the IBM software, so you will need to re-enter them if you do not want to use the IBM stuff.
Hmmm... your comment threw an alert for this thread in my hourly digest, rindi.

Just turning off 3rd-party connection managers should not be the first response to a wireless problem, IMHO.

Since you solicited recommendations, mine is
http:#a22953683 - 250

But without feedback from the asker, I don't feel this thread should be PAQ'd.
PKTGAuthor Commented:
I started Wireless Zero Configuration and restarted my wireless Route then it is working fine.  But stil my Acceess IBM is not working. I click the Acccess IBM Icon but it is not showing anything. I Called IBM customer service but they told me my warrenty is over so they can't help me.
If any one knows how to activate IBM AcceesConnection. Thanks.
>  I click the Acccess IBM Icon but it is not showing anything.

If you right-click its icon in the tray there should be a context menu for it.

What do you find for it in the Start menu groups?
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