Best device for copying Mini-DV to DVD?

I need a better solution to handling Mini-DV tapes and LOTS of them.

For example, a current project involves taking about 92 mini-dv tapes and getting them transferred to DVD as quickly as possible, and I need 3 copies of each.

Currently I capture using Premiere Pro and then encode using DVDit, then use PrimoDVD to setup the duplications on a Primera duplicator. This takes way too long for so many tapes. Smaller projects aren't so bad and those that need editing.

I'm currently looking at getting the JVC SR-DVM700 but don't know if it's my answer and it hasn't been getting good reviews.

Can anyone suggest something else?
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horizontal_holdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
buy a standalone dvd recorder with firewire in. simply dump tape direct to dvd - copy dvd in pc (you can be doing both at the same time).

if there's no editing involved, FORGET digitising!!!!
occ_userAuthor Commented:
Yep! Works just fine. Thanks.
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