Mapping users DEFAULT networked printer doesn not work with published app, only published desktop

I have consulted with Microsoft who provided me a method to map networked printers for users.  It is applied via a script from a group policy.  Although, after much testing, it appears the mapping ONLY works when a PUBLISHED DESKTOP is selected within the presentation client, not a PUBLISHED APP.   For example, USER1 logs in via ICA session to 'published desktop' and can print to the 'default' printer specified in the script.  Also, it can be seen as default within 'Printers and Faxes'.  When USER1 logs into 'published application', a diffferent printer is selected as default.  I can run 'gpresult' and see the policy is being applied in either case. Within the Citrix farm, I am verifying the user is logging into the SAME Citrix server in both cases.  GPO is being applied to the 'user configuration' as users are running WYSE THIN terminals (Computer config does not apply)
Config as follows:
Wyse S30 Thin Terminal (running Windows CE v5)
Roaming Profiles
Presentation Server 4.0 (w/ Rollup pack 4) farm of 10 servers

What could be causing this odd behavior?  Is it somehow by design?

Thank you for your insight!
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hard to say why this script is not running.
what i will suggest is that if you setup a citrix policy to assign printers to the user it should be much easier.

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davisAuthor Commented:
Are you saying to assign a user's default networked printer via a policy in Citrix?  We already have one policy which deivers a set if 'session' printers to the users when they login.  Will a policy to assign a default user conflict with this 'session printer' policy?  If not, can you assign certain printers as the default for certain groups?  For example, PRINTER1 as the default for GRP1; PRINTER2 as the default for GRP2, etc.
Are you saying to assign a user's default networked printer via a policy in Citrix?

Will a policy to assign a default user conflict with this 'session printer' policy? i would test this honestly.

If not, can you assign certain printers as the default for certain groups?
yes citrix policies can be assigned based on user/ group membership.  you will have one policy per group.

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davisAuthor Commented:
I have since read that this can be performed using a  'Default Printer Utility' seen at the link below but there seems to be plenty of users responding to the ending thread with issues.  I am hesitant to try since the Organization is comprised of primarily WYSE thin termials, which seem to have issues using the 'Default Printer Utility'.  Do you have a recommendation for another method to accomplish the same goal?  Thanks for any insight!
actually we have used the default printer utility with great success in a few environments.  i would say test it out and see if it works for what you need.
davisAuthor Commented:
I am still planning to configure a basic system for creating a users default networked printer and would prefer to use something that does not require any user interaction.

Does the 'Default Printer Utility' request the user select a default printer when first logon to a citrix session?  
yes it does
davisAuthor Commented:
have not abandoned my issue here...

  I am getting closer to implementing and would like to know if anyone has tried applying diffreent networked printers (attached to a print server) to diffferent groups via CITRIX Policy.  If so, does it work reliably?
davisAuthor Commented:
I am still planning to implement a 'policy' solution for setting Citrix user's default networked printer.

Does anyone have insight on if using Citrix Policy to set networked printer based on Group is a good, working solution?  Is there another revommendation?  (other than 'default printer utility')

Thanks for your insight!
davisAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the feedback.  Citrix policy or 'Default Printer Utility' may be the way to go.  Currently, I have been unable to move on this as the entire print server needs to be migrated.  As woon as migration is complete, I will work towards implementing the policy or utility.  Thanks -
davisAuthor Commented:
I thought the answer ws good but not necessarily excellent.
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