McAfee Configuration file?


We are using McAfee ePO 4.0 in our production environment, this was set up a while ago by consultants.

We're building a lab, seperate from the main network, and would like to build a lab McAfee ePO server. I'd like the policies for this lab server to replicate what we have for real.

Does anyone know if there is a McAfee configuration file/files that contains policy information that I could copy over...or do I need to copy the settings manually?

My second question is, we have seperate containers set up in ePO with different policies applied to the servers within them. Is there a file I can take that contains all gthe policies I have applied to one container (OA, on-demand etc)?
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Morning Bruce

Log in to ePO, click on Systems, then the middle tab Policy Catalog and then you can export the policies

Let me know if you need anything else

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