How fo flush Exchange logs manually

We would like to use a bare metal backup solution on our exchange servers. Essentially the backup solution will create a full image once a week and incremental's every 4 hours the rest of the week. Since an image of the server is taken it does not mark the store as being backed up and flush the logs. I am trying to avoid using circular logging at all cost and would like to setup some type of script that would run after my image completes.
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Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
You need to run a full backup to flush the logs properly. It is necessary from a restore point of view as well, rather than having large logs on an image.

You can even run ntbackup for this.
Use ntbackup for a differential backup of the log files. Then ntbackup only backups the log files and flushed them. there is no need for a full backup
hodgeyohnCommented: will show you what logs have been committed.
you can get rid of log files once they have been committed.
Rajith EnchiparambilOffice 365 & Exchange ArchitectCommented:
The doc is for Exchange 5.5 and 2000. Get the one for 2003 for the correct steps.
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