Exchange 2007 - Internal to Internal emails intermittently delayed

We're running Outlook 2003 on Exchange Server 2007, Windows Server 2003. I recently have encountered a problem where emails to one internal user (User A) have been delayed. The most recent example is that User B sent an email to 2 recipients, one external and the previously mentioned internal user (User A) on 11/05/08. The external user received and replied to the email the same day. User A just received the same email around 7:30am this morning (11/13/08), but date-stamped as if User B had just sent it this morning.

I checked Message Tracking and Exchange says the email was delivered to User A on the day it was sent. It just didn't show up in his inbox until a week later. Any thoughts on where to look from here? (User A is our company CEO, naturally.)
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TFSCRamseyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Turns out he received it when he was originally supposed to, but the sender accidentally resent it. ::groan:: Thanks for your help.
Could it possibly be the way he is viewing his folders in Outlook?  (i.e.  All messages instead of sort by group, etc.)
and you could also use this tool TCPView to monitor internal connections:
TFSCRamseyAuthor Commented:
It's the date-stamp that's really making me scratch my head. I would have thought if it was a delay on his machine, the date-stamp would still be correct.
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