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Restrict use of pcmcia slot

Disallow a user to use the pcmcia (Verizon, Sprint, Etc..  Broad Band Card) slot while on the corporate network (Domain).
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What version of Server... 2003 or 2008?
What OS on the laptop... XP or vista?

There are 2400 or so group policy settings in 2008 and vista that just don't (and won't) exist in 2003 and XP.
About 3/4ths of them are specific to vista, but that's still a few hundred that will work on XP.

You shouldn't need to restrict the Cardbus (or more-likely, PCI-e 34 or 54) slot per se, but you should be able to block the dialup aspect without disabling use of the slot entirely.

e.g. Go to http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Search/en-US/?query=Group%20Policy%20Dial%20Up%20Networking&ac=3
and 'refine by topic' by clicking the server version you have below the search field.
BristolCompressorsAuthor Commented:
The AD is 2003.  The Client is XP.

"block the dialup aspect without disabling use of the slot entirely." -- That is exactly what i am trying to do.
BristolCompressorsAuthor Commented:
To add a bit more detail to what is trying to be accomplished. We are in a corporate enviroment and have a sonicwall firewall which all network traffic passes through when users laptops are docked (or on wireless). Some end users that travel extensively have broadband pcmcia cards. These users have discovered that while docked/ connected to the corporate lan that if they insert the broadband card and connect the firewall content filtering etc can be circumvented.

A ideal solution would be to disable the broadband connection anytime the laptop is connected to the domain directly. This only needs to be enforced when a user is directly connected, the broadband cards are used in conjunction with a vpn client.

Possibly a way of disabling this only if the user is using a docked hardware profile......is there a way to disable the pcmcia slot only when the laptop is using its docked hw profile.

The operating systems on these laptops is winxp
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