I need to find a low cost VPN/Gateway solution. Please help with suggestions.


Hello again! This question is for the small business IT persons here. I currently have a Linksys WRVS440N acting as a VPN/Gateway/Firewall ... as best as it can. I do not have the password for admin access ... courtesy of my vindictive predecessor.

I have a standard 2 DC domain. 1 Exchange box which forwards/receives everything through a GFI based smart host. The rest of the server infrastructure is simply member servers ... ERP/AV/Time Clock ... et al.

Our connectivity is a T1 configured c-bit ... of course.

In regards to network connectivity, I am usually the one who comes in and installs the hardware. That said, I know a little about networking and working with Cisco products. Namely the 4000 series routers(adding additional network interfaces) and the 4506 Catalyst Switches(adding blades). This will be my first run at doing it turn-key for a business.

I would go into more detail but I am not sure how much is needed because my question is only that...

I need a low cost solution to replace the Linksys. I want to be able to offer VPN for up to 10 clients with complete network access. In addition, I will also need to do some port forwarding so I can get to OWA.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,

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A small PIX 505E would be ideal - can pick one up second hand for £150 - £200.
Depends if you want support or not, support is still available for the PIX's, but they have gone EOS, I'd be looking at an ASA5505, so you upgradeability across it's lifetime.  

5505 with a 10 user licence is fairly cheap for what it is, in a business environment.

More specs can be found:


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What is your budget for this?
SolarWinds® IP Control Bundle (IPCB)

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NaerwenAuthor Commented:
I have been in chat with Cisco and theone thing that they did say is that the ASA5505 does not support IPSEC. I am not familiar enough with IPSEC to implement or configure it. However I do know that it is not implemented in the current environment. In your opinion, is this something that I will want to implement as time goes on? I don't see this company growing very much with the upcoming economic changes. In fact, we will likely lay people off.
NaerwenAuthor Commented:
Our budget is going to be about $1000.00 +/- (depends on the mood of the owner. You know how it is. =P)
Linksys RV082 or Linksys RV042
The Cisco ASA5505 DEFINITELY supports IPSec. In fact, it is the default when setting up VPNs.

From Cisco's web site:
"Each edition combines a focused set of Cisco ASA 5500 Series services (such as firewall, SSL and IPsec VPN, IPS, and content security services) to meet the needs of specific environments within the enterprise network."

I highly recommend the ASA. Which model depends on the size and complexity of your network.
For instance, you can pick up a ASA5505-50-BUN-K9 for around $500.
The link above lists all the different models and capabilities.
As mentioned, IPSEC is supported so not sure why Cisco are saying it isn't...

IPSEC is used to setup VPNs, either from client to head office (using the cisco vpn client) or for site to site VPN's.  

Whilst SSL VPN's are good for remote users, IPSEC VPN's provide you a little more control over the end node.

Following link has tech notes for remote access VPN's (purely for info):

go for LINKsys VPN router RV042, this wil be chepest solution.
NaerwenAuthor Commented:
Rexxus and Kdearing presented the solutions that I will be implementing. I will see you all again when we get the 5505 in the office. :) Thank you kindly for your comments and insight. It was most helpful in my research.

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