How do I find network security key for DLINK Model DSL-G604T

How do I find network security key for DLINK Model DSL-G604T
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LifesGoodAuthor Commented:
Security key or passphrase is what I Want
It was in the link I sent.  admin / admin.

If you are referring to the wireless WEP key or WPA passpharase, you are going to have to log in and see if the key shows up clear text.  If not, you will have to reprogram.
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If you can't get it to show cleartext, you could try exporting the configuration to a file, then adding a few characters (say, xXx) to the end of it (arrow to the end so you don't blank it out with the first key stroke) and to the end of the confirmation line, save/apply the changes, then export the configuration again to an updated filename... open the updated file in a hex editor and search for xXx - if you find it, do Find Next and if the next match is right after that you can be pretty sure the sequence between them is the original key (it may even specify the encryption type at the beginning of each sequence, like WPA-PSK, et cetera). It IS quite possible the passphrase is stored in the config file in cleartext.

If that method's unsuccessful, you can re-import the original config file to get it back to the original passphrase.
Hi LifesGood

I see you're a "beginner on the subject". If mds-cos's answer is too cryptic, I'll try and give you a step-by-step: open your Internet Browser and in the address bar type in Press Enter and you will be prompted for a username/password to log into the router's configuration: Username = admin Password = admin. Now you need to Click on Wireless button on the left side of your screen. Your security key should now be displayed, if all you can see is a series of dot's, then the key is hidden so you'll have to create a new key. If you have any other wireless devices, then they'll need the new key as well if you change it.  

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>  if all you can see is a series of dot's, then the key is hidden so you'll have to create a new key.

Um -- not...

LifesGood should be able to export the config file and find it using the instructions I provided.  It's not encrypted in the exported config files I did from some D-Links here, but there's no guarantee they'll be at the same offset in the DSL-G604T's config file since it's not the same model and version that I used to test out the method I outlined in message 22957043. The only reason LifesGood would need to do a hard reset and start over is if the password to get into the setups is unknown, which would mean the config file could not be exported.
Hmmm...I didn't know that sending a link to the full documentation of the device is Cryptic.

Reading manuals....good thing....
Expecting other people to read the manual for you.....bad thing.

Sorry folks, but the only way to move past "beginner" on any subject is to crack open a book from time to time.
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