SBS server vpn and Verizon card not able to access internet

I have a SBS server setup with VPN and a linksys broadband router, i have setup the VPN access thru the wizard and , iam able to connect to the VPN with no problem i can ping the server and access all folder/shares etc etc , works great, only problem is that i cant connect to the internet while connected to the vpn. i have fowarded all the ports to my server and enabled my server to be a router in RAR MMC , but its not connection , need help !!
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Are you using Connection manager to connect VPN?
If you are using Connection manager, it should work since your gateway will be the SBS server.

If you are not using Connection manager, Edit the properties on your VPN connection and Uncheck:
"Use Default Gateway on Remote Network".
DataVaultAuthor Commented:

When i try to ping , i get this

request time out
request time out
and i notice in my RAR MMC , under the DHCP relay agen
server local connection  -  enabled - request received 324 - replies 0 - discarded 324
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